Lansing, MI-It would have been a media frenzy, with his Conservative critics chomping at the bit to get the juicy details, but liberal filmmaker Michael Moore denied his haters a salacious divorce trial and agreed to a settle. But the news of a divorce settlement still came with some snide comments from his neighbors in his Traverse City, Michigan, lake community.

Detroit News reported Moore and his estranged wife Kathy Glynn finalized their divorce on Tuesday, avoiding a highly publicized trial and keeping his finances secret.

Successfully negotiating a divorce settlement can be nearly impossible without the assistance of a divorce attorney. Aside from child custody, property division is one of the more contentious issues in divorce as we can see from Moore’s situation.

Moore may be a democracy-hating socialist—to his enemies at least—but he managed to amass a large fortune which he claims his now former wife spent expanding their enormous estate on Torch Lake.

Glynn was spending so much on the 10,000 square foot property that Moore eventually had to take over control of the couple’s checkbook. Moore accused his wife of hiring a private investigator to snoop on him. The witness list included over 80 people, including literary and entertainment agents.

The mansion, larger than most of the homes in the upper-class enclave, took center stage in the divorce proceedings and became an embarrassment to Moore. In divorce filings, Moore entered into evidence a host of news reports that skewered him for having such a posh home while he appeared to be the everyman, a regular just like you and me.

“He criticizes capitalism, but capitalism made him rich,” Gary Tracy, owner of Bellaire Bait and Tackle told Detroit News.

The couple met nearly 30 years ago, in 1982, while Moore was working at the paper he founded. They were poor, but shared similar interests. Glynn told reporters in 2004, she and Michael were so poor they would sit outside rock concerts because they couldn’t afford to buy a ticket. After nine years of dating, Moore and Glynn married.

Their personal relationship morphed into a working relationship with the Glynn producing “Roger & Me” and other early documentaries, but according to Detroit News, their working relationship ended before “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

It would appear that after that Glynn focused her energy on the couple’s lake front home, continuously adding to it so that appears three homes in one. The lakefront home is one among the nine total properties the couple owned, the fate of which remains unknown because Moore was savvy enough to settle.

Moore’s divorce, like so many others, centered on the couple’s property and financial assets. The marital home—and other properties if you are lucky enough. Who gets the marital home or other properties hinges on a number of factors such as which parent gets custody of a couple’s child or children or who left the marital home first. Courts often give each spouse a share of the value of their home, meaning they might have to sell the property and divide the proceeds.

A divorce attorney is critical to a couple especially when matters of child custody and property division appear to be matters of contention. With legal help you will know the challenges you face and how to go about getting what you wish for out of a divorce settlement.