Flint, MI- Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife of 23 years, Glynn, are currently locked in battle over the value of the couple’s assets, including a lavish lake home near Flint, Michigan, as the two prepare for their upcoming divorce trial set for July.

Although the couple shares nine different properties in Michigan and New York, there appears to be more acrimony over their $1.5 million Torch Lake home which Moore described as a “money pit” that he says cost five time what his wife said she would spend on a home. The Oscar winning actor claims his estranged wife frittered away all of the couple’s money on the rambling lakefront mansion, the Smoking Gun reported.

How much exactly Moore earned off of his hugely successful films and novels is unclear; Celebrity Worth estimates his wealth at $50 million or more, but he claims his wife blew much of it in the Torch Lake mansion because or “massive cost overruns.” In the divorce documents Moore refers to the extravagant property as “her Torch Lake home.”

The house has not only become a symbol of hypocrisy for critics of the liberal documentary film maker, but has also become a bone of contention, tying up their divorce as the couple fight over how their properties and assets which includes Dog Eat Dog Films, the company  that produced “Bowling for Columbine.”

The Smoking Gun reports that Moore has accused Glynn of hiding assets and filed a motion for discovery. He stated in a sworn affidavit that Glynn admitted to him that she had trouble managing money, which Moore says caused them to suffer “some serious financial losses” and relinquished control of the couple’s check book to her husband.

In divorce documents, Glynn stated she planned to call witness that will testify to the Moore’s “celebrity status” and his potential to continue earning. Witnesses on her behalf will testify to the value of Moore’s website. She also noted her estranged husband was financing to make an anti-gun film in the wake or the Newtown massacre.

Moore has asked Glynn to produce all the receipts and documents related to the Torch Lake home and asked for an inventory of all the quilts she owns. Glynn is a quilting enthusiast and runs her own website, The Daily Stich. He also wants to know is she hired a private investigator to follow and photograph him.

Both are from Flint, Michigan and have no children together.

In a divorce, money call sully everything and tie up proceedings for months or years. Even though Moore officially filed for divorce last June, the couple still haven’t come to an agreement on their financial assets.

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