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Broward County, FL- Very few couples get married with divorce in mind even though roughly 40 percent of those marriages are doomed to undergo the trials and tribulations of divorce. But there is way to avoid the ugliness of divorce: a prenuptial agreement. And still many couples are resistant to the idea which is why our divorce lawyers in Florida would like to discuss three reasons why a prenuptial agreement is the smart choice.

When it comes to divorce, asset division can be one of the more contentious issues a couple will have to resolve. The emotions associated with divorce can make it hard for a couple to work through this process with objectivity. Asset division can become a sticking point and tie up the divorce process for months on end. A prenuptial agreement allows a couple to resolve these issues at during a less emotionally wrought time. As a couple’s wealth grows and they acquire more assets, they can change the terms of their prenuptial.

It should come as no surprise that child custody is the hardest issue for a couple to resolve. A few couples can come to a general consensus on the issue of child custody. Whether they faces disagreements about is primary custody, visitation or child support, a couple will be better off if they agree child custody terms before they the anger and resentment of divorce overshadows what is really important: the well-being of their children.

A third benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that they are generally uncontested. Florida courts view prenuptial agreements as legally binding documents that should be enforced.  A spouse can decide to contest a prenuptial but it’s generally a difficult and unsuccessful process and requires them to show to prove their marriage was a fraud and/or the terms of their prenuptial are considered unconscionable or unreasonable.

Prenuptial agreements ensure the tough decisions that accompany divorce are determined when a couple has a clear mind, when both parties can more easily agree on important issues. It is much easier for a couple to negotiate when they aren’t locked in battle. There is plenty to bicker about during a breakup, so why not eliminate some of a few of the potential fights. A prenuptial agreement won’t make a divorce painless but it is a step to a less acrimonious divorce. And as we said before, these agreements can be changed anytime in the future, so there really is nothing to lose.

If you are unsure of you should sign a prenuptial agreement, let USAttorneys connect you with a divorce lawyer in Broward County, Florida. They can answer your questions and discuss the numerous benefits of a prenuptial agreement. We can help you find a lawyer who can assist you with all aspects of a prenuptial agreement, whether you need to have one drafted, reviewed or want to contest one, our team of divorce lawyers can help.