Going by the latest reports published by the CDC, the rate of divorce among Americans are truly decreasing, observe divorce attorneys. Whereas this bit of news does prove to be heartening, marriage rates have also registered a fall in an almost harmonious manner, in keeping with divorce trends. However, these statistics are hardly enough for predicting an accurate mortality rate for marriages in America. 

Not Quite Correct

After all, couples who take marital vows in a given year are not likely to face divorce within the same year. Therefore, divorce lawyers are of the opinion that in order to compare divorce and marriage statistics, both need to be analyzed independently. Therefore, saying that 50% marriages of today will end in divorce would be an uninformed statement to make.

Do not Marry too Early

According to research carried out by the Wharton School, age happens to be a strong predictor for determining whether a marriage is doomed for divorces or not! Stats gathered from marriages conducted in the 1980s could prove to be a case in point! College graduates who married post 26 years of age remained married even 20 years later! However, among those who got married before 26 years of age, 65% embraced divorce. Since the present day average age for marriage is between 27 to 29 years for both brides as well as grooms, there is a possibility that divorce rates would continue to dwindle.

A Little More Mature

Studies have also gone to prove that education has had a role to play in bringing down divorce rates. Stats collected in 1970s have proved that 23% college students, who married, embraced divorce 10 years later. However, the percentage decreased to 16% in the 1990s. This has gone on to establish the role of education as an important one.

Too Simple of a Number

Although the rate of divorces as well as marriages has declined in tandem, this in no way proves that the rate of divorce has been constant at 50%. A more specific analysis is required, feels an eminent divorce lawyer.