Tampa, FL – As a general matter, financial issues and arguments over money are one of the most common family law issues and causes of separations. This is why it is so important for anyone going through a divorce to have the help of a divorce lawyer who will review their situation thoroughly and attempt to find any illegal behavior or foul play, such as hiding or stealing assets. Even though financial dishonesty during a divorce or child custody hearing is illegal, it does still happen at times. 

Couples with large differences in age or wealth can often have issues about dishonesty in finances, especially before or during a divorce. This is especially prevalent in areas of Florida that have large numbers of retirees and elderly residents. It is somewhat common for a much younger person to marry an older person to have access to their property and become the primary beneficiary of their estate. All parties to a divorce are supposed to have complete financial disclosure, so that courts can evaluate and distribute money and property according to state law. Even dishonesty in matters such as taxes and insurance can have serious consequences during some divorces. 

Some of these situations even cause law enforcement involved, if one spouse starts to steal from the other or compromises their identity. 

Classifying property during a marriage and divorce

Property issues between members of a married couple can become complex in some situations. During a divorce in Florida, a judge will classify property as marital or nonmarital, and it is divided or liquidated accordingly. However, this means that some property can be considered the separate property of one spouse, and not everything is considered joint property of the marriage subject to distribution. Even separate property that is allowed to be kept by one spouse must still be disclosed to be classified as such, because the court must make that determination rather than an interested party. 

Couples that have large amounts of property and a high net worth may deal with issues such as a house that must be sold or division of investments for years afterward. Because of the duration of this process and the time it takes to liquidate assets, it is crucial to have a lawyer reviewing the situation before every family court hearing. 

Law firms who focus on divorce and financial matters

Once someone has filed for divorce, or it is obvious that a separation is coming, both parties should get their own attorney as soon as possible to ensure financial disclosure. Yeazell and Sweet are a respected firm in the Tampa area that assists all kinds of local clients with this process. 

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The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet 

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