Columbus, OH- Some celebrity divorces go smoothly with little public acrimony between the two. Other celebrity divorces end up being very ugly, very public battles with lots of mudslinging. Estranged partners often arguing over money or child custody throw insults at each other. In the case of the celebrity chef Bobby Flay and “Law & Order” star Stephanie March the bitter back and forth is over money.

In April, Flay filed for divorce in April saying that the couple’s marriage is irretrievably broken and ever since the couple have been engaged in a contentious battle, replete with public denouncements of one another.

According to their prenuptial agreement, March is to receive $5,000 a month in spousal support from Flay, but she says she needs more because health issues are preventing her from taking any acting jobs. Flay, however, says her medical issues are due to a breast augmentation, according to TMZ.

She also says that she helped Flay build his $20 million empire because of her “amazing palate” according to the Daily Mail. She alleges that she is a large part of the success of Flay’s New York restaurant, Bar American, and says another restaurant, Bolo is successful because she encouraged him to add tapas to the menu.

March is also angry with her ex over a winning race horse Flay purchased for their fourth wedding anniversary, claiming he kept $160K in winnings earned by the horse. Even worse, he sold the horse and pocketed the winnings, TMZ reported. Flay denies the allegations.

March also claims Flay had an affair with his personal assistant, a claim the chef denies.

Flay’s and March’s divorce is a contentious one, something most divorcing couples would like to avoid. One of the most effective ways to do that is to not let resentment and anger dominate the proceedings. It may be tempting to hurl insults and accusations at one another but all that manages to do is make things worse and like with March and Flay’s divorce can turn the proceedings into a war or words.

Couples shouldn’t yell and scream at each other and certainly shouldn’t drag their children into it. Playing the blame games is counterproductive and a couple won’t be capable of negotiating with one another if they can’t set aside their differences.

Many couples can benefit from mediation if they think divorce proceedings will be acrimonious. Mediation is a process in which the divorcing couple, their respective divorce attorneys and a neutral third party meet for negotiations. It can take a few meetings for a couple to come to an agreement on child custody or their final settlement, but it may help a couple avoid the bitterness.

Like marriage, divorce is about compromise and lashing out at one another can only make things worse. If you are your estranged spouse can’t talk to each other without fighting, allow your Ohio divorce attorney to do the talking for you. The will do whatever they can to make certain your proceedings go as smoothly as possible.