Domestic violence is widespread in the US where thousands of people, predominantly women, are victims of spousal abuse. For the most part, domestic violence occurs behind closed doors so no one is really privy to it. Besides, numerous children are also made to suffer domestic violence.

Generally speaking, most children who have suffered abuse, or those who are witness to abuse by a parent, turn abusive themselves as they grow up. This is a cycle that never ends. Fortunately, you can do something about it. Talking to your Florida divorce lawyer is also another viable option. Do not have one yet? Press this link right here.

Take Action at Once

If you or your children or both are subjected to domestic violence, call the police immediately. At the first opportunity don’t hesitate to contact a domestic violence relief agency. They can offer you the needed legal assistance, and send you to a safe shelter.

Leave the House

Wherever you happen to be, domestic violence is a constant threat. In case your spouse is violent and abuses you in any way, you ought to take immediate steps to protect your safety as well as that of your children. Only after you ensure that you are safe, you can think of the legal issues. According to Palm Beach, FL divorce lawyers, as a first step, you can leave your house and not return.

Unless a court order prevents you, you may take your children with you too. However, before leaving your home, it is wise to seek legal counsel. This is because if you leave without a valid season it might adversely affect the chances of receiving alimony and child support.

File Criminal Charges if Necessary

If your spouse resorts to physical abuse, you can charge the abuser with assault, rape, and sexual battery, domestic criminal trespass, and stalking, depending on the circumstances. However, make sure to contact the local police right away. Your Florida divorce attorney can help you file a complaint based on the severity of the abuse.

Protective Orders

Protective orders issued by a legal court are meant to restrain your violent spouse from attacking you again. However, these orders expire at the close of a specific period, usually a year although the order can be renewed.

Copies of the restraining order must be issued to each party including the local law enforcement, which is best left in the hands of a legal representative. If your spouse fails to abide by a violation of the protective order, you can request the police and the court to implement the order more strictly depending on the severity of the situation. Making use of the courts to end abusive relationships can prove effective in some cases.

However, Palm Beach, Florida divorce lawyers recommend that you seek professional help from a psychologist or clinical social worker for emotional support. There are several agencies that provide free counseling or charge a fee based on your income. While your legal representative deals with the paperwork you can focus on getting your life back on track.

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