Tampa, FL – Divorces are fairly common as almost half of all marriages end with a divorce at some point in the future. Florida is also in the top ten states with the highest divorce rate almost every year. 

There are a number of different reasons why people separate. People who remarry a second or third time are even more likely to get divorced than those who are in their first marriage. Marrying at too young of an age is also cited as a very common reason for divorces. Women are also more likely to initiate the filings to end a marriage than men. 

Because the possibility of divorce is very real, there are a number of things that can be done to plan for a worst case scenario where a divorce is inevitable.

Premarital agreements

These are sometimes called prenuptial agreements. This is basically a contract that gives terms regarding what will happen to both spouses if the marriage ever ends. These agreements usually cover personal and real property, money and bank accounts, businesses, and other assets. 

Each state has different laws to determine whether a prenup is valid or not. This usually requires a complete financial disclosure, lack of duress, and enough time to review the agreement before the marriage ceremony to prevent surprises. 

Keeping records of social media activity

It is becoming much more common for spouses to file for divorces after finding incriminating information on their partner’s social media accounts. This kind of evidence has often been used in court during divorce cases as well. 

Regardless of the content of these posts and any alleged misbehavior, couples, or even one spouse, can file for a no fault divorce and essentially say that the marriage has broken down for any reason. In Florida, there does not need to be a finding of things like adultery, criminal behavior, or substance abuse to file for a no fault separation. 

National drop in marriage rates

Over the last decade, marriage rates have been consistently dropping in the United States to the point where new marriages are much less common than they were a generation ago and more people choose to remain unmarried for most of their lives.

This drop in marriage rates will have a corresponding decrease in the total number of divorces as well. Many individuals in the coming years may avoid problems associated with divorce by simply choosing to not marry at all. 

Getting help from family lawyers in Florida

Anyone who needs help with their divorce, child support payments, child custody disputes, prenuptial agreements, or other family law issues can get help from a trusted firm in the Tampa area. The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet focus their practice on these dilemmas. 

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet 

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