Michael Ricci, the father of a high school student of Washington Township, along with his ex-wife Maura McGarvey, has been sued by their loving and precious daughter Caitlyn Ricci, who would like them to give her $16,000 a year to cover for her college tuition fees.

Father of Plaintiff Daughter Speaks about His Financial Problems

After a year long legal battle which began at High School, at the time she was accepted into Templeton, the Supreme Court judge at Camden asked the divorced couple to pay $906 to Gloucester County College where Caitlyn took credits. However, the battle is over who will pay the $16,000 out of the total of $26,000 tuition bill from Templeton.

A harassed father decided to speak out on the couple’s behalf saying that even though they are divorced it was never their intention to deprive their daughter. As a result they went through a quiet divorce without hurting her in any way. However, monetary considerations require that Caitlyn take her credits at the community college and not at Templeton. She has been ordered by the judge to seek financial aid, but there is no proof of progress on this front except for having filled out the FAFSA paperwork.

That is not how FAFSA works! She already spent the money!

What the Divorce Attorney never Said

At the time when parents of Caitlyn Ricci and Michael and Maura decided to go ahead with a divorce, the divorce attorney failed to explain the problems they might have to face later as divorced parents of a 21 year old college going daughter.

The ruling given by the Supreme Court is based upon Newburgh versus Arrigo in 1982, when the judge ordered that the plaintiff’s divorced parents’ take responsibility for her college tuition fees.

As per Michael’s attorney, Andrew Smith, Judge Shusted’s decision was faulty as the two lawsuits arose from completely separate situations. In the case of Newburgh v Arrigo the suit arose from the victimized daughter of estranged parents, but in this case Caitlyn is not a victim. There was no battle over custody; she went to live with her grandparents after graduating from high school in 2013 with good grades and before taking up a job with Disney, which she had to leave due to a minor infraction.

As per Smith, there is a different set of rules for divorced and married people. The former are required to support their children and see them through College while the latter has the option not to. Caitlyn as an 18 year old has been cited as independent by the Camden Judge excepting her financial ability to support herself in college.

Time to grow up Caitlyn.

The Public Backlash over the Lawsuit

In the face of publicity and media Caitlyn had to face criticism. Caitlyn’s actions on bringing a lawsuit against her parents did not win her any commendations from the general public. Instead she has had to face huge criticism and even sexual threats for having sued her parents on such a tender issue.

Smith says, Caitlyn’s parents are being discriminated as a divorced couple because states like New Jersey have a separate set of rules for married and divorced couples, which is being denied by Andrew Rochester, Caitlyn’s attorney. The community has come forward in support of Caitlyn’s parents, being respected members and contributors therein. Michael Ricci has made it clear that he will not pay for her tuition irrespective of the high ranking of the college she is accepted into.

Caitlyn is Seriously Misguided & Greedy

Michael Ricci, recognizing the anguish being caused by public reaction to this lawsuit, wants his family to be together again and would like his daughter to return home to New Jersey and attend college and be helped by him with her tuition fees. Other people believe Caitlyn should join the military for the GI Bill. There are even other people who believe Caitlyn’s lawsuit should not be heard by any court at all and that she should go find a job at Taco Bell or anywhere and pay off her loans like everyone else.