In a bid to spend more court-approved time with their children, divorced fathers in Lincoln, Nebraska have appealed to state lawmakers for more time with their kids than just every other weekend. This isn’t the first time an appeal such as this has been made.

Apparently the Father does not Matter

Aggrieved dads have appealed to the Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee at least eight previous occasions, to advance a bill that called for more parenting time to be set aside by Nebraska judges to noncustodial parents. No bills before have ever made it to debate.

Committee Takes No Vote Stand

During the session, no vote was taken by the committee, as the bill hasn’t yet been prioritized by a particular senator. Even if it does advance, it is not likely that it will be scheduled for debate this year.

Many advocates for women’s rights and abused mothers believe that the proposed changes by the bill may subject vulnerable children and women to domestic abuse by abusive ex-husbands and fathers. They have appealed to the committee to maintain the status quo instead of prescribing how parenting plans should be decided by judges. They would rather them be decided by politicians instead.

Time with Parents Matters, According to Senator

According to Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete, that time that children spent with their parents made a difference in several aspects of their lives, due to which she urged her colleagues to advance the newly proposed bill. She said that it was the job of the judicial system to ensure that children caught in divorce and separation turned out as well-rounded as their peers who are not from broken homes. Well, that is not going to happen no matter what.

She gave examples of over 40 studies which pointed to the fact that children who had meaningful contact with both parents after divorce were more likely to avoid drug abuse, earn better grades, and suffered less mental illness.

Right Mothers!

She said that if ‘fatherlessness’ could be mitigated, it would substantially reduce the number of children from the community who wound up in the juvenile justice system. Where was Michael Brown’s father at?

As of today, divorced Nebraska dads get an average of 17% of time with their kids, which works out to around five days a month. With the new bill, the proposed time spent would increase to 35%, resulting in parenting time of around 10 days a month.

Hire a Divorce Attorney to Take Care of Your Best Interests

If you are a noncustodial mother or father who wishes to spend time with their children over and above the court-mandated time, you need the expert services of a qualified and experienced divorce attorney. Child custody matters are quite sensitive, emotionally charged and heated in nature than most other issues, and it is important that it is overseen by someone who has expertise in the matter.

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