We’re accustomed to people battling over kids, houses and bank accounts, but some divorce attorneys have been involved in their share of weird, bizarre, and strange divorce settlements. How many couples have you heard about that have split up over ice cream?

According to India Today, a Mumbai, India man was forced to pay a little bit more to his ex-wife each month so that she could afford ice cream. In dollars, he has to pay his wife just over $1,300 a month in alimony plus an extra $2.50 for her sweet tooth.

On July 30, the couple ended their marriage of 23 years, and interestingly enough, the divorce was actually over ice cream. He said that she blew all of his hard-earned cash on the dairy treat while she said that he made tons of money as a stockbroker, so it shouldn’t matter.

After losing his wife to ice cream, he will pay for her ice cream for the rest of his life. It’s hard to say why the court came down against the husband, but it probably had a lot to do with his earnings. His ex-wife claimed that he was a successful businessman who has even dined with U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett. He merely countered that she burned through all of his savings by shopping and maxing-out their credit cards. The ice cream divorce settlement lady will also receive extra alimony for the couple’s two children.

Apparently, ice cream is a hot commodity in other countries, especially India. A 2012 survey revealed that almost 35% of India’s ice-cream consumption happens in the western region, with Ahmedabad taking the biggest scoop. It is no coincidence that the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association was also set up in that city in 2011.

With Gujarat placed sixth among states with the highest divorce rates in India, how this judgment will affect ice-cream consumption remains to be seen.