Phoenix, AZ- There used to be a time when divorce wasn’t something people lamented. But that has changed over the past several years, and instead of mourning the end of a marriage, some couples see it as a time to rejoice through divorce parties replete with all the trappings of a wedding including cakes and reverse ceremonies.

“There has been an enormous increase in the variety of things Americans celebrate,” Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a marketing professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco told the Associated Press.

Divorce is among the many things Americans see as an occasion to celebrate and do so with zeal. One New York-based event planner, Richard O’Malley, featured in a recent piece by the Associated Press, said one woman enlisted his services to help her plan a $25,000 divorce party over two years ago and business is going strong.

That party was just as well thought out as the client’s original wedding featuring a mock chapel where her father walked down the aisle and took her back from the groom. According to the Daily Mail, the couple also took photographs of the gifts they received and gave the framed photographs to the giver.

Since his first two years ago, O’Malley has planned a number of divorce parties which he prefers to call “freedom fests,” and sees these parties as a chance for a divorcing couple to celebrate the new path their life is taking.

Tampa-based baker, Lisa Stevens said she makes at least one divorce cake per month after receiving her first order six years ago. Stevens’ first divorce cake– which she calls “freedom cakes”– features a groom with a broken heart, and since the designs have become much more elaborate.

Some divorce cakes feature images of brides pushing grooms off of multi-layered cakes. While others included edible divorce documents and grooms smashed under upside-down cakes. Whether the imagery is somewhat violent or on the milder side, these cakes are representative of a new lease on life for the divorced individual.

One Austin-area man who recently split from his wife planned a divorce party which included his three children and featured a lemon-cake he and his former spouse chose together. ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake,” he joked.

To divorce attorneys, these so called “divorce parties” are a way for a couple to get closure once the all the hard work and emotions of a divorce has come to end.

Divorce is difficult; there are many highly-charged issues a couple must deal with from child custody to division of assets to determining spousal and child support.   A divorce attorney will make these complex issues easier to settle but it by no means makes divorce any less stressful for the couple and their children for that matter. After months of wrangling over child custody and division of marital assets, a divorcing couple has a reason to celebrate. A divorce party may be just the thing a couple needs to help them move on from their pain and begin the chapter of their life.