It’s not everyday you hear a couple celebrating their split with a divorce party—together. Jack White, 38 and Karen Elson, 34, announced they were going their separate ways in June 2011 and celebrated together as the divorce was amicable.

Upon announcing their intentions to divorce the couple called themselves “trusted friends and co-parents.” Things have now become heated as the rocker and the British model-singer have found themselves at odds over their divorce settlement and custody of their two children. Elson filed for a restraining order against White alleging he has a ‘violent temper’ and has berated her in email communications using profane language.

According to the filing, White was allegedly calling and emailing Elson and “pressuring her about the settlement terms for divorce,” which she officially filed for in 2012.

Her sworn affidavit obtained by The City Paper in Nashville, where they reside, states that she “fears for her and the children’s safety as a result of this harassment.” White, who was served with the order on July 22, has been barred from having any contact with his soon-to-be ex “except to discuss parenting of the children and only through email.

Elson — who has primary custody of their children, Scarlett, 7, and Henry Lee, almost 6 — has accused White of being an unfit parent and claims he refuses to attend family counseling.

Elson’s attorney has filed a motion for a custodial psychological evaluation, during which a psychologist or social worker will assess their family situation and makes recommendations to the court about parenting and custodial arrangements. A judge was due to rule on that on Friday.

Elson and White married in Brazil in 2005. Upon announcing their split 6 years later, said they were commemorating the occasion with a divorce party in Nashville “to re-affirm our friendship and celebrate the past and future with close friends and family.

The couple will be in court on August 29 for the next step in their custody dispute.