Although couples from all walks of life and from all different age groups divorce, it seems that there is a growing trend in the United States that is seeing more and more couples from the Baby Boomer generation getting divorced. In fact, according to recent reports, Americans older than 50 are now twice as likely to file for divorce as people in that age group were 20 years ago.

However, even though more so-called boomers are getting divorced, that doesn’t mean the process is any easier. Many of these couples have been married for at least 30 years, which means braking up can be hard to do. According to Bowling Green Sociologist, Susan Brown, one of the leading factors in the increasing number of boomers getting divorced is the ever-growing economic independence of women.

It used to be that many women had the choice of either staying in a bad marriage in order to continue enjoy a certain quality of life, or getting a divorce and living in poverty. However, now many women can either support themselves or can receive enough in alimony to continue living the way they always have. Another possible factor for the increasing divorce numbers among people older than 50 is that people are living longer, which means life’s circumstances are changing more for those in this age bracket.

Whatever the reason for the increasing number of divorces among boomers, the fact is they will have to get used to leaving many things behind when they split up. Learning to cope with life after divorce is not always easy, and many people find that they are actually less happy after divorce.

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