New York, NY-Actor Richard Gere is facing a huge payout, upwards of $100 million, if his estranged ex Carey Lowell gets her way in their divorce.

Lowell, who is known for her role in “Law and Order” is reportedly asking for a large chunk of Gere’s fortune which is estimated to be $250 million.

A source close to the couple told the New York Post that Lowell wants a big payout because she put her career on hold to raise the couple’s son and she thinks she is entitled to half of Gere’s earning since 2002 when they tied the knot.

Lowell’s divorce attorney Robert Cohen however contradicted the source telling the Post, “Nobody has asked for anything yet. But she certainly wants her fair share of the marital assets.”

The couple appeared in court in October without speaking to each other.

This is Lowell’s second divorce and Gere’s second divorce.

In other celebrity divorce news, Rikki Lake’s estranged husband is gearing up for a battle over the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

The former talk show host and Christian Evans announced their divorce last month after he took a solo trip to Ibiza on her birthday.

Initially, Lake agreed to pay Evans, a jewelry designer, spousal support for two years. But that isn’t enough for Evans, he now wants a judge to vacate the prenuptial they signed when they got married in 2012.

According to TMZ, Evans says Lake defrauded him when they signed the prenuptial. He doesn’t explain how she defrauded him, but this isn’t surprising. With a lot of cash on the line, prenuptial challenges are not uncommon in celebrity divorces.

If Evans is successful in his challenge, he is entitled to half of Lake’s fortune, which isn’t nearly the amount she was making as a TV host, but it’s obviously enough to fight over.

Many couples, especially wealthy ones or celebrities, see prenuptials as a great way to protect their assets. These agreements may seem unromantic, but when there is a great deal of money on the line a prenuptial is just a smart business decision.

Challenging a prenuptial is exceedingly complicated and can be a very costly legal challenge. The spouse challenging the agreement must be able to prove they were coerced into signing the agreement without knowing the details, they were misled about their spouse’s wealth or the terms of the prenuptial are unconscionable or unreasonable.

When a couple is thinking of drafting up a prenuptial agreement or need one reviewed before signing one, they need to consult with a divorce attorney to review the terms. They will be able to a couple if the terms are reasonable and fair to both parties.

If you don’t have a prenuptial, you need a divorce attorney on your side, fight to make certain you have receive a fair divorce settlement. Your legal counsel will be an invaluable asset throughout the entire divorce process and make certain your interests are protected.