Los Angeles, CA- Months after his split Nick Cannon has finally filed for divorce from pop diva Mariah Carey. Meanwhile LA Lakers Coach Byron Scott and his estranged wife are locked in battle over her demands for their divorce settlement.

TMZ obtained court documents which shows Cannon filed for divorce on December 12th, his filing just happened to under the radar until now. TMZ points out that Cannon filed for divorce just a week after Carey was spotted speaking with divorce attorney about a property settlement.

In August, Cannon announced that he and Carey had been living apart for a few months so it was just a matter of time before one of them filed for divorce.

Cannon and Carey’s marriage was somewhat surprising given their 12 year age difference– he’s 33, she’s 45, but they managed to stay together for 6 years. It appears as though they are capable of putting aside their differences and making their twins their top priority.

The details of their divorce settlement and child custody arrangement have not been disclosed.

Child custody can turn what would otherwise be an amicable divorce into a bitter fight and what’s best for the child can get pushed aide or ignored. A divorce attorney can help your keep you priorities straight on focus in what is best for everyone involved, especially the children.

While it appears as though Cannon and Carey are settling their divorce quietly and without a vicious fight over money. But that isn’t what is happening with the divorce between LA Lakers Coach Byron Scott and his estranged wife Anita Scott.

TMZ reports that just Byron filed for divorce from Anita whom he married 29 years ago last year just before he signed lucrative contract with the LA Lakers.

Now she wants to make sure she is able maintain the lifestyle she enjoyed during their marriage. She asked for spousal support immediately since she doesn’t work and is living below the standard she is accustomed to.

She maintains that she lived well before her husbanded landed his gig with the Lakers and wants him ot pay up so she can continue purchasing designer clothes and taking lavish vacations. She said she needs money for “personal maintenance”—haircuts, manis and pedis.

When comes to a divorce settlement, most people are just looking to ensure that they aren’t left with nothing when their marriage breaks down.  It’s such a challenging process that the couples really need a neutral third party to help them with their settle their issues over money and asset division.

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