The legal dissolution of marriage involves the filing of a lawsuit, but contrary to popular belief, a divorce need not always be a messy affair. With the successful introduction of the very effective practice of divorce mediation, the customary divorce litigation procedures maybe overlooked.

Another route to take

Traditionally, the terms of a divorce (such as child support, child custody, spousal support, and asset division) were all decided in a court room where the divorce lawyers representing the respective spouses battled it out to get their client an upper hand. The process is highly stressful and ends up consuming a lot of time, effort, and money for everyone involved.

Thus legislators proposed and introduced the concept of divorce mediation. Even in this method though legal help is still required and there is no better way to find that legal help than using this site:

An overview of divorce mediation

According to Baldwin County, AL divorce lawyers, divorce mediation involves a mediator. A mediator in this case is a third party who is impartial, and unbiased that will sit with both spouses involved (either all together or separately) and have them negotiate and chalk out the terms of the divorce for themselves. The mediator will facilitate the divorce by pitching in and promoting amicability throughout the divorce and will encourage both spouses to be more open minded and will remind them that a peaceful agreement on the terms will benefit both of them.

These mediators are also known as collaborative Baldwin County, Alabama divorce attorneys and are highly trained individuals that have acquired analytical and creative problem solving skills which they know how to pragmatically apply to get their clients to reach some kind of middle ground.

The process of divorce mediation appealed to family court and family judges to such a great extent that these same judges have now started to court order such mediations in certain divorce cases. These are called court-referred divorce mediations.

According to Baldwin County, Alabama divorce lawyers, divorce mediations are broadly classified in two categories – voluntary mediation and court-referred mediation. Whichever the case maybe, the end objective of a divorce mediation is always the same.

What divorce mediation aims to achieve and why choose divorce mediation

The goals of divorce mediation are to establish an equitable, legally apt, and mutually agreeable divorce agreement. It also offers spouses going through a divorce a more cost effective and amicable way to dissolve their marriage. It is also the best way to minimize hatred and hostility between the spouses, and to provide a neutral, non-judgmental environment for divorce. Divorce mediation also spares the spouses the need to go through the traumatic experience of customary divorce litigation.

There are many fine reasons that a couple going through a divorce should press the button for divorce mediation. As already mentioned, the legal system in the country is already working at full capacity. It therefore takes a very long time for the courts to be able to process a divorce application and then begin the litigation and to finally get done with it.

It is not uncommon for divorces to take years. In addition, the longer the divorce proceedings go on, legal court fees keeps piling on and on. Mediation is comparatively a much quicker and affordable procedure where both spouses feel like they have a say in their divorce. Even Baldwin County, AL divorce lawyers can admit that!

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