Jacksonville, FL- Any man or woman, who has been through a divorce, knows that between the child custody issues, support settlement, and dividing up your worldly possessions, it can be a maddening process. But some people just take things too far. Such is the case of a Jacksonville, Florida, woman who found herself behind bars after venting her frustrations about a divorce judge by covering courthouse columns in crude graffiti, according to The Sun Sentinel. Apparently, Audrey Dostie was unhappy over her divorce and child custody battle with her estranged husband, so she took it out the new Duvall County Courthouse which was just built at a cost of $350 million. The distraught woman used purple spray paint to express her frustration through broken hearts, the letter A, and an angry note to the judge. But Ms. Dostie has done this before. According to the Jacksonville police, she also vandalized the home office of the business her ex-husband owns, using the same purple spray paint and similar expressions. His former wife’s behavior got so out of hand he was forced to file a restraining order against her. She is adding charges of criminal mischief to her list of legal woes. Divorce attorneys can’t change the emotions like anger, or the need to get revenge, but they can effectively handle the legal issues of child custody, support and property division. They will be prepared to deal with any challenges that arise and focus on getting their clients the most generous settlement possible.