The sad truth about marriage in America is that a third of them end in divorce. Personal opinions when it comes to marriage and divorce are different from person to person. Some believe that couples should not get divorced, and that they should stick it out and fight for the survival of their marriage no matter what.

On the other hand, some people believe that one of the worst things in life is to be in marriage that you are not happy in but many people may wonder why you did not take a pre-marriage class before you were married since most likely a marriage that is not going well was a marriage that was not well thought out. Likewise, even divorce laws and regulations vary from state to state in America. In some states, getting divorced is incredibly difficult while in other states the process is relatively easier.

Not a simple matter

When it comes to divorce, there are generally a lot of prerequisites that need to be satisfied in order for a couple to be handed a divorce certificate. First, there are filing requirements, and then there are residency requirements, and other related issues.

A divorce is a highly emotional and stressful time as it is, and the legal complexities and intricacies involved makes it even more difficult to cope with. The best course of action is to appoint a qualified Houghton, Michigan divorce lawyer to represent you in your divorce. You can find a lawyer in this legal domain and of high stature on this glistening legal website

Not only will your attorney help guide you through the legal aspects of divorce and it’s many issues such as child custody, spousal support, child support, property division etc. but will also prove to be a wonderful source of moral and emotional support at a time when you require it the most.

No fault law in divorce

According to Houghton, Michigan divorce attorneys there are many bases upon which a divorce is granted. To begin with, there is the fault law which is in effect in all states in the country. The fault law, as the name suggests, dictates that if one spouse is able to prove the fault of the other spouse in the marriage, he or she will be granted a divorce.

So what exactly qualifies as fault? Well, it varies from state to state but it generally includes issues such as adultery, alcoholism, domestic violence, drug abuse, desertion or abandonment, incarceration, infertility, becoming diagnosed with an STD, and mental illness.

No proof required

On the other hand, the no-fault divorce law is recognized in some states but not in others. Michigan is one of those states that allow couples to get divorced without having to prove that the other one was at fault. Couples only need to mutually want to get divorced and claim that their marriage has become irretrievably broken, following which they will be granted divorce.

Some of the reasons a couple may cite in order to acquire such a divorce are living separately for an extended period of time, irreconcilable differences, and irretrievable breakdown of a marriage.

In Michigan, no fault divorces are granted on the grounds that the couple satisfy other requirements such as residency minimums and filing requirements, therefore it is best to consult a Michigan divorce attorney to help you in your no-fault divorce. Not sure where to find a hard charging lawyer? There is not any place better than right here.