Divorces are not as rare as they once were and hence they are more accepted. For the most part, divorces are a part of life and society and are not connected to the same social stigmas that were attached to them once upon a time. Having said that we need to understand that the issue of divorce is still a rather touchy subject for many people across the nation. Both the legislation governing divorce and the attitude of society towards it has changed incredibly over the years.

Do not be mistaken though, a divorce is still a personal stain on someone that can never totally be shaken.

As per historycooperative.org, there was a time in the United States when divorce was taboo and was considered an extreme measure, however, in today’s world, statistics show that nearly 29% of all marriages end in legal separation due to some disruption in the relationship. Another shocking stat provided by expert divorce attorneys, points out that the average life span on a marriage in the United States of America is only eleven years. How come more people do not take a pre-marriage class?

Divorce during the sixties

Even over four decades ago, divorce was a budding and inevitable social and family based issue. One of the earliest recorded laws made to address the issue was in the year 1629. The law was passed in Massachusetts by a judicial assembly which was setup exclusively to handle issues of divorce. The only divorces that were granted at the time are what are known as fault divorces today. According to Spokane, Washington divorce attorneys, only things like adultery, bigamy, potency, and desertion qualified as fault.

The northern colonies adopted a more liberal outlook towards divorce. However, in the south, things were very orthodox and there was legislation in place to prevent divorces from occurring unless the cases were exceptionally extreme.

Divorce mills

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, divorces had started sprouting up all across the nation, and hence, special divorce mills were setup in several states just for the sake of divorces. People would travel from all corners of the country to these states (Indiana, Washington, Utah, North and South Dakota) and approach these divorce mills to be granted a divorce certificate.

In 1903, religion was used an excuse to reduce the number and frequency of divorces when the Inter-Church conference was held.

Present situation

As mentioned, the demand for divorce is at an all-time high at the moment; there are family courts not only all states but virtually all districts and counties in the United States. Furthermore, divorce attorneys have become even busier ever since the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the country, and like we know by now, there is only one cause for divorce – marriage! And gay marriage means there will be gay divorces and right now there are many of them.

In most states, divorce is governed by an extensive set of laws that Spokane, Washington divorce lawyers know all about which used by family courts and judges to determine issues like child custody, alimony, property division, and spousal support. This is complicated and another reason why if you are going through a divorce or about to, you need to find a terrific divorce attorney. You can meet one on the poignant legal website USAttorneys.com as well.

Most states also imply some minimum residency and other legal requirements for the successful grant of a divorce. Some states even recognize no-fault divorces where couples need not point at each other and accused each other of being at fault, they can merely claim that the marriage has become irretrievably broken and will be granted a divorce.