The amount of people that have been through or are going through divorce is huge, around about 50% of all marriages end in divorce for one reason or another. It can be daunting when considering divorce, and sometimes people aren’t well informed on how common it is nowadays, so often people can make misinformed decisions on what to do with their future. In this article we will be providing you with more than just a few statistics on the matter.


Divorce in America is something that has been around since 1857, the Matrimonial Causes Act allowed ordinary people access to divorce. Prior to that act coming in to play, divorce was most commonly only an option for men – on top of that, it had to be granted by an act of parliament which would usually mean a huge sum of money. Therefore the general public would find it difficult to gain access to the procedure. Now though – it is a very common process, with one divorce every 13 seconds in America, moreover there are 6,646 divorces per day in America and 46,523 every week. Most people in America are certain to know someone who has or is going through divorce, so it is important to realised there are thousands of other people going through the same problems. A lot of people have gone through it multiple times, with statistics showing that you are more likely to get divorced the more times you have been married. With 41% of first marriages ending in divorce, it rises to 60% of second marriages ending in divorce and gets even higher for those in third marriages, with 73% of them ending in divorce.

Factors in divorce vary, of course because everyone and every relationship is different. However common ground can be found when looking for things that might make you ‘more likely’ to become divorced, moreover, there are certain problems that seem to crop up for the majority of people. The top 5 reasons that surveys have found people become divorced go as follows; 1) poor communication, 2) Finances, 3) Abuse, 4) No longer attracted to each other, 5) infidelity. These reasons are all common amongst marriages, that is not to say if you encounter one of them you cannot work around it. Statistics suggest that you are less likely to become divorced if you are in your first marriage, moreover you are also less likely statistically to become divorced if both of your parents are still married. This is interesting because it could suggest that people feel divorce is more acceptable if someone close to them has been through it, or if they have done it previously already. Furthermore, you are less likely to become divorced if you live in a blue state or if you went to college. Statistics also suggest some factors that might make you be more likely to get divorced. A few of these are, you are more likely to become divorced if:

  1. One or both of you are smokers
  2. One person does all of the chores
  3. You hang out with divorced people
  4. You met in a bar
  5. You have a daughter instead of a son
  6. You have money problems

Each of these factors can be seen in the statistics collected by things such as surveys.

Can your profession affect your marital status? Figures show that certain jobs do in face make you more likely to divorce. Jobs with the highest divorce rates are Dancers and Choreographers, with a massive 43.05% divorce rate in this industry. Up next are bartenders (38.43%), followed closely by massage therapists (38.22%). At the other end of the spectrum, the jobs with the lowest divorce rates are Agricultural engineers, with a mere 1.78% divorce rate. Optometrists with 4.01% and transit police with 5.26% follow as the second and third lowest divorce rates in the USA.

Location supposedly plays a part in divorce rates too, with some states having higher divorce rates than others. This could be down too culture locally, for example attitudes towards divorce in different states. The highest divorce rate though, are in the states of; Nevada, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon and Vermont. If location has a part to play in divorce rates, then surely the Internet plays a part as a factor too. With the Internet allowing people from all over the globe to meet at the click of a button, it poses a huge power in connecting people. As for divorces it divides opinions on what is right and wrong in a number of relationships. With 54% of men not believing that online affairs do not count as adultery. Furthermore, 30% of cyber affairs escalate from e-mail to telephone calls to personal contact. So Internet plays a role in each and every relationship in the modern day, and causes a third of divorces.

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