Los Angeles, CA- None of actor Michael Jace’s neighbors saw the events of Monday night coming, but newly uncovered divorce documents show the actor had a history of domestic violence and was drowning in debt.

Jace called 911 late Monday night and confessed to shooting his wife April multiple times. When police arrived they found her body in the hallway along with the handgun used to shoot her. Jace was arrested for homicide and now investigators are looking for a reason why the former “Shield” star exploded in this shocking act of violence.

It appears that Jace had an explosive temper and a history of domestic violence. According to the 2002 divorce documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Jace’s previous wife Jennifer Bitterman accused him of domestic violence and characterized him as volatile and undependable.

In one troubling incident, Bitterman said Jace threatened to kill her if the couple became enmeshed in battle over his visitation rights for the couple’s son, Jordan.

One of Bitterman’s friends was witness to an earlier violent outburst that occurred when Jordan was just 6 months old. According to the friend, Jace “choked and hit” Bitterman and slammed her against the wall “while [her son] screamed in his crib next to her,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The friend also said she witnessed three similar incidents in 1996 and 1997 when Jace filed for divorce.

On top of being a hot-head, Jace was having serious financial troubles. Radar Online reported that Jace filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2011 after FX canceled “Sheild.” His total debt is estimated to be $500,000 and $1 million, and he has recently fallen behind on his bankruptcy payments.

He struggled to find acting jobs, but was only able to secure small bit parts in a variety of televisions shows and his income dropped drastically. But the couple was basically surviving on April’s small salary as a financial aid counselor for the Unified School District.

The Los Angeles Police report states that April and her two sons had returned to their Hyde Park home just after 10 p.m. Monday. They were home for just fifteen minutes when the shooting took place in front of the two boys who are both under the age of ten. Relatives of the family are now taking care of the two boys while.
Jace is being held on $1 million bail. Only he can say what his motive for the shooting was but a hair-trigger temper on top of financial troubles can make for immense turmoil in a marriage even when a couple appears to be happy on the surface.

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