Hollywood, CA- Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries seems like a never ending saga, lasting significantly longer than her marriage. And now the pregnant reality star may be forced to admit she faked scenes on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to make Humphries look bad.

Radaronline learned that lawyers representing Humphries will ask Kim under oath whether she faked scenes of the popular reality show to paint Humphries in a negative light.

Several producers from the show and Kris Jenner are on the witness list for the divorce trial which begin on May 6th.

Last month, leaked depositions of producer Jay Russell showed that the reality show is anything but real. Russell admitted that many scenes in the show, including the engagement scene, were “scripted, reshot or edited,” to make Humphries seem like a villain.

Russell also admitted one of the scenes where Kim opened up to her mom Kris and admitted she was ready to file for divorce, which was supposed to take place in Dubai, was in actuality filmed on a soundstage in California after Kim had already filed divorce papers.

Kris Jenner, Radaronline says, will be questioned about the Dubai scene. Additionally, she will be questioned about other faked scenes, a source told Radaronline.

“Kim is freaking out that she is going to be forced to testify that aspects of the Kardashian reality show are fake,” the insider said. “Kim has always said how much she loves her fans and viewers. Kris feels that this proves unequivocally he was duped into marrying Kim.”

Humphries is trying to have his marriage to Kim annulled under the pretense that she married him to further her career and to generate publicity and revenue for the reality show.

“Kris has been absolutely trashed by the Kardashians in the press,” the insider told Radar. “He has taken the high road and never spoken negatively about Kim, or her family, despite the hell they have put him through.”

Kim, who is now pregnant with her first child fathered by rap star Kanye West, has maintained that she married Humphries out of love, but Humphries isn’t biting. Looks like the reality star will be in the midst of an acrimonious child as welcomes her new baby.

Last year, Kim tried to finally her nuptials with Humphries by offering him a cash settlement even though they had a prenuptial agreement.  Humphries refused, instead sticking to his principles and continuing to press for an annulment.

Getting an annulment has proven difficult for Humphries, but evidence that the Kardashian’s  and their producers are willing to fake scenes in the interest of entertainment, may very well be the ammunition Humphries’ legal team needed to honor their client’s wishes.

There are plenty of contentious celebrity divorces, but this battle between Kim K and Kris Humphries proves to be fodder for those obsessed with the private lives of celebrities. And since the trial is just in the beginning stages, we can expect the Kim and Kris divorce will stay in the news.