A divorce is difficult time as it is and if you pick the wrong lawyer, things may get even harder. Here are some tried and tested techniques that you may use while selecting a divorce attorney.

Remember that selecting a Jackson, Mississippi divorce lawyer is much more than just picking an established name in the industry. A lawyer who was great for someone else might not be the best for you. Every divorce is unique and so is every attorney.

Picking a divorce lawyer that is on your wavelength will prove invaluable during the entire divorce proceedings. Not only will the lawyer help you with typical divorce issues such as property division, spousal support, child custody, asset separation etc. but heshe will also be a pillar of personal, emotional, and moral support during such a stressful time in life.

Make a list of lawyers 

As simple as this seems, a lot of people forget to write down a list of suitable candidates. To make a list, you need names, names of lawyers and names of law firms. In this day and age, the Internet will prove to be a magnificent advantage when it comes to researching lawyers. However, it is naïve to believe everything that you read on the Internet unless the site is USAttorneys.com which is hardly your run of the mill legal website, or just some website putting out information without doing any due diligence whatsoever, or just a website that cares about rankings (they do care about rankings but they care about substance too, if you focus on substance the rankings will come).

Obviously, law firms will showcase their strengths and downplay their weaknesses on their websites. Therefore, while you may go ahead and use the Internet to pick out some lawyers, don’t make the Internet your only source of information. Talk to other people that used the services of a lawyer and find out more about their experiences, read user reviews, consult other professionals and family law specialists before you settle on a specific law firm or a Jackson, Mississippi divorce attorney.

How to shorten the list

So you should consider after you have jotted down a few names after a lot of deliberation, it’s time to move on and close in on that one name which you will eventually hire to represent you in your divorce. How do you go about doing that? Well, there are many aspects and factors to consider.

Cost is definitely one factor that will come into play. Attorney fees are not constant throughout the year, it depends on a lot of things such as market conditions, complexity of the divorce, duration of hire, etc. make sure you have a realistic understanding of your budget and then go ahead to eliminate firms that fall beyond what you can afford.

Male and female lawyers

Lawyers come from all sorts of backgrounds. However, it is going to be hard to relate to someone from a completely different cultural and ethical background. While we have nothing against any race, religion, or country, we just want to point out that someone very different from yourself may not be your best bet. In fact, studies have even shown that female divorce lawyers tend to emphasize with female spouses while male divorce attorneys can better understand male spouses.

No one is stereotyping here, the facts are just being conveyed. These are just a couple of things to weigh in while selecting a Jackson, Mississippi divorce lawyer so stay tuned for more.