A man is suing his ex-wife’s divorce attorney for having properly withdrawn from divorce proceedings. In another story FBI arrests a Jewish rabbi in a divorce related probe.

Incarcerated man seeks attorneys help

Gerald Lee Ricks had filed a lawsuit last year in the Galveston County District Court against divorce attorney Anthony D. Gunn, citing intentional infliction of distress.

As per court filings Rick who is incarcerated at the William McConnell Unit in Beeville, was granted a divorce from his wife Eletha Lachon Ricks on June 4th, 2008. His ex-wife was represented by Gunn. The divorce stated that the couple’s home would be sold and taxes and debts paid from the sale proceeds before the money was split between the couple. Rick being incarcerated, Lachon assumed the responsibility of overseeing the sale.

Attorney is sued for $100,000 in damages

The court petition alleges that Rick communicated with Gunn as he was not allowed to communicate with his wife. When he tried to find out from Gunn if communications to his wife was being properly delivered he learned that Gunn no longer represented Lachon Ricks.

Rick alleges that Gunn’s sudden withdrawal without advance warning created confusion as to who he should hand over the legal document. Ricks decided to file a suit against Gunn for $100,000 in damages including legal fees. He is appearing on his own behalf.

Texas rabbi forces provides help to women seeking a get

In a strange turn of events, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi from White Plains, NY, admitted to having traveled interstate to use threats of violence to force a man to give his wife a ‘get’ a.k.a. Jewish divorce.

Rabbi Martin “Mordechai” Wolmark along with his accomplish Mendel Epstein, an Orthodox divorce mediator from Brooklyn, have been accused of heading a gang of eight thugs who used cattle prods and other such devices to torture a man in order to force him to give a divorce.

Wolmark, 56, pleaded guilty to these crimes before a judge in Trenton New Jersey on Wednesday. The FBI has been investigating the rabbi for forcibly extracting the Jewish get from the husbands on behalf of their wife and family. There have been complaints when the extraction turned to torture and abuse, The FBI managed to catch them red handed on one of the rabbi’s journey from New York to Edison N.J., where they seized items including masks, rope, surgical blades, plastic bags, and a screw driver.

Raids were also conducted at the West Carlton Road yeshiva and at Epstein’s Brooklyn home.

Up for sentencing on May 18th, divorce attorneys will find it hard to save Wolmark who faces up to five years in federal prison.

Wolmark’s defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, referred to his client as an “extraordinary man”. He stated that the rabbi has agreed to accept responsibility to a limited participation in the conspiracy.