Nicholas Bartha and his family were kicked out of Romania by the communists when he was still just a boy. Like millions of others, Bartha turned to America for refuge, he might have been born in Romania but he is an American. Bartha loved his America, loved what it stood for, and vowed to become successful and give back to the country that had accepted him as its own.

Too bad America has fallen for the socialist trap in some ways. Communism though, what Michael Moore prefers, destroys the human spirit. Dr. Bartha knows all about that.

Dr. Bartha and Cordula Hahn – an explosive marriage

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. If a man decides to blow himself and his house up, there is a good chance that a woman is behind that too. In 1973, when Bartha first laid eyes on Cordula Hahn, little did he know that this same woman would drive have him at wit’s end, to the point where he attempted to kill himself and blow up his own house.

In 1980, Bartha who had turned into a workaholic by this time, laid eyes on the second love of his life, a four story town house at 43 east 62nd street. It was situated right in the middle of Park and Madison Avenue. Dr. Bartha, his mother, and his father put together everything they had and exchanged it for the house. The ramifications of the purchase were evident. Dr. Bartha was overjoyed, the fact that he now owned this graceful town house symbolized that was successful, and was now living his American Dream.

Dr. Bartha married his sweetheart, they had two daughters together, and were living in his dream house, what could possibly go wrong? Well, everything! Everything went wrong. Dr. Bartha’s workaholism escalated, he spent so much of his time drowned in his work that he became estranged from his wife, and daughters. There was a total communication breakdown within the house of his fantasies.

As reported by, in 2001, Hahn would not have it anymore. She did not want to continue living this way and filed for divorce and she could have found a fantastic attorney off the site She moved with their two daughters to an apartment in Washington Heights. In her divorce documents, her divorce attorney portrayed their marriage as irretrievably broken. Supposedly, Dr. Bartha and Hahn may have been living under the same roof, but they were emotionally unavailable to each other, like two giant ships floating apart in the night.

Dr. Bartha wanted to go back to Romania at this point

The case went to court where a judge initially ordered that Dr. Bartha would have to pay Hahn $1.23 million and additionally, $2,000 as alimony each month. To Bartha’s relief the judge ordered that Hahn had no claim to his house.

What is worth, communism, or being ripped off by your wife?

Man tries to kill himself and destroy his house rather than sell it and pay his divorced wife

At this point, Dr. Bartha shot himself in the foot, long story short; he and his divorce attorney appealed the verdict to a higher court. The higher court passed a verdict that traumatized him even more. He was instructed to sell his house to pay Hahn her share of the divorce.

We suppose one can put two and two together from this point onwards, Dr. Bartha would rather die than sell the house him and his parents worked so hard to obtain. He attempted to blow it and himself up using gas. He survived, but the house didn’t.