MIAMI, Florida. If you are getting divorced from an abusive spouse, it is important to seek support and help. Divorcing an abusive partner can be more complicated, especially if your ex makes the divorce contentious. Individuals who want to protect their children from a violent or abusive partner will also need to take steps to seek supervised parenting time. The standards for limiting contact between a parent and child are high and victims of domestic violence will need to prove that the person has been violent and abusive. The courts generally favor the children having a relationship with both parents, so you’ll need to provide documentation of the abuse to prove the need for restrictions.

According to the New York Times, the three biggest challenges victims of domestic violence face are: (1) the cost of legal representation (especially if the person was a victim of financial abuse), (2) the difficulty of tracking down a spouse, (3) and the complexity of the court system. In some instances, abusers intentionally drag out the divorce process because they want to keep their partners legally trapped. In other cases, victims may not have access to family finances, making it more difficult for them to take the steps they need to move out.

Abusive exes may also hide assets, steal money from their partners, and generally make it difficult for women to afford representation without help.

Forbes recently wrote about another tactic abusers use, which is to claim that the victim was the abuser. The abuser in this case uses the system against the victim. In some states, women have even been jailed and sentenced. This abuse is particularly damaging because it leaves victims with a permanent record that can affect them for life.

When abusers claim that their victims have abused them, women can face child custody issues, additional complications with their divorce, and challenges of having to fight criminal charges in addition to navigating a divorce.

Forbes also wrote about the financial risks of coerced debts. In this kind of abuse, an abuser may open credit cards in a victim’s name and max them out. Unfortunately, because this abuse involves credit agencies, it can be very difficult for a victim to repair her credit.

If you are trying to get out of an abusive relationship, seek support. You don’t have to navigate this process alone. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. When it comes time to navigate the divorce process, reach out to a qualified divorce lawyer in Miami, Florida like Sandy B. Becher, P.A. Our firm can review your situation, review your finances, and help you navigate the legal and financial questions that arise during divorce. Domestic violence divorces can be more complicated than other types of divorce. If you fear for your safety, take steps to protect yourself and visit our firm at to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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