There seems to be no end to pediatric dentist Howard Schneider’s woes. The dentist who has been sued for malpractice, and is currently under investigation for potentially defrauding the government (who does he think he is, the Obamacare’s website?!), now faces divorce. According to, Schneider’s wife recently filed a divorce lawsuit.

She claims that he blocked her from financial accounts and dissipated the funds. According to the lawsuit filed by her divorce attorney, who could have been found on the cutting edge website which has a string of talented and hardworking divorce attorneys on it, Schneider earns a substantial income which makes her entitled to alimony especially since she is accustomed to living a certain lifestyle.

A dentist in deep trouble

Schneider also faces a number of lawsuits filed by parents of children who claim the dentist pulled and crowned teeth unnecessarily over the years. He has also been accused of insurance fraud for performing unnecessary medical procedures and billing the government for $4 million in Medicaid reimbursements between 2010 and 2014. He is currently under investigation by the Attorney General’s Medicaid fraud control unit in collaboration with the State Attorney’s Office.

US Congressman Grayson files for custody of kids as divorce battle continues

According to an Orlando Sentinel report, US Rep. Alan Grayson is claiming custody of his four children aged between 10 and 16. In papers filed in a Florida divorce court by his divorce attorneys, Grayson claims that his estranged wife and mother of the kids, Lolita Grayson’s behavior has been aggressive and inappropriate and therefore was not qualified to obtain custody.

The Congressman had recently called his wife a ‘gold digger’, as reported by, and had also called the cops to arrest his wife for credit card fraud. This was reportedly revealed in one of Lolita Grayson’s court filings in which she complained about her husband’s tactics to keep money from her, including marital assets and funds that could be used to pay her attorney’s fees.

In the papers filed in the divorce court, Grayson petitioned that he be made the sole decision maker on several matters such as education and medical for the children since Lolita fails to communicate with the Congressman on such issues. Grayson has accused his estranged wife of siphoning money towards child support for her own use and being abusive toward the children.

The Congressman also alleges that she attempted to deny him contact with his children, which is why his divorce attorneys have argued that any chance of shared responsibilities was not a viable alternative.

Lolita technically had two husbands

For the most part, the Grayson divorce has been one of the most contentious battles with both sides going at each other publicly. They agreed to an annulment after Alan Grayson found proof that his wife wasn’t divorced from her first husband when the tied the knot in 1990. According to divorce attorneys, Lolita Grayson has petitioned the judge to stop the Congressman from disposing of any assets in order to give her time to determine what she can claim, which according to Lolita Grayson is a significant fortune. According to court papers, the Congressman’s net worth is around $31 million.