Did Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen finalize their divorce?

After 13 years of marriage, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are divorced and ready to go their separate ways. 


Unlike most high-net-worth divorce cases that take months or even years to finalize, Brady and Bündchen’s divorce was finalized shortly after fans began speculating that a permanent separation was on the horizon. On October 28, 2022, People confirmed that the pair’s divorce had been finalized (1), citing that it had been “irretrievably broken.” 

According to a three-page legal document viewed by People, both parties are now considered legally single. The documents were filed and finalized on October 28 in Glades County, Florida. 

Although the documents revealed that the couple had agreed on a parenting plan, People says “details of their settlement agreement and custody details will not be publicly filed with the court to protect their privacy.” Also, neither party will file their financial disclosures with the court, according to People.


Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce was amicable.


A source familiar with Brady and Bündchen’s divorce told People that the “settlement is all worked out.” Not only was the couple able to work out the terms of their divorce amicably, but they also “agreed to joint custody of the kids.” Brady and Bündchen share 12-year-old Benjamin and 9-year-old Vivian.

After their divorce was made final, both parties took to Instagram to comment on their split. Bündchen wrote, “With much gratitude for our time together, Tom and I have amicably finalized our divorce. My priority has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all my heart. We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care and attention they greatly deserve.”

Although Brady referred to the divorce as “painful and difficult,” he also said via Instagram that “[He and Bündchen] wish only the best for each other as we pursue new chapters in our lives that are yet to be written.”


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