New York, NY- With just two weeks to go before we decided who the Commander in Chief will be, new information has surfaced which alleges that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney lied under oath when he was called to testify in his friend and founder of Staples, Tom Stemberg’s divorce trial.

Although the divorce took place two decades ago, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Tom Stemberg’s ex-wife was in court Wednesday in an effort to have the court documents unsealed. The judge in the case delayed their decision to unseal the record until Thursday in order to give attorneys for Romney, Staples and Stemberg time to review the court transcripts.

Maureen is being represented by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred who promised to drop an October surprise in an effort to derail Romney’s bid for President.

Maureen alleges that in his 1991 testimony Mitt Romney lied to the court so that he could help his friend Tom Stemberg avoid paying out a large divorce settlement. Maureen basically got nothing, according to TMZ.

According to sources close to the matter, Romney lied about the value of Staples, telling the court the company was virtually worthless. The candidate stated stock for Staples was “overvalued” and “I didn’t place a great deal of in the forecast of the company’s future.”

At the time of the divorce trial, Romney was the owner and chief executive of Bain Capital, which loaned the office supply chain $650,000 to open their first store. In total Bain Capital invested $2.5 million in the company, which helped them reap a $13 million profit when the company went public in 1989.

In addition to cheating Maureen, who suffers from MS, out of money, the source told TMZ that Stemberg came to his ex a year after their divorce was final, and told her he was cancelling her health insurance.

As a result of the nasty divorce trial Maureen lost custody of her son who Tom later disowned, telling the young man there was no room for him in Stemberg’s family. As a result of the divorce Maureen also lost her home and has struggled financially.

Unfortunately, people use money as means to hurt their estranged spouses, making it crucial for anyone considering dissolution to hire a divorce attorney that will fight to protect their interests and future.