Newport Coast, CA- Orange County district attorney’s office said Monday that a Newport coast man callously murdered his wife, and they believe that a fight over money and an impending divorce caused him to lose his temper.

Peter Gregory Chadwick, 48, was apprehended at the Mexico border last Thursday and has been charged with one count of felony murder for financial gain.

Police have not found Quee Chadwick’s body and are tracing Mr. Chadwick’s steps from his upscale home in Newport Coast to the Mexican border in an attempt to find Mrs. Chadwick.

Neighbors and family became concerned last Wednesday when the couple failed to pick up their children from school. After being alerted by a neighbor, the police went to the Chadwick’s home were they discovered “evidence of a struggle and possible foul play.” One source said there was evidence of a bloody struggle in one of the luxury home’s bathrooms.

Mr. Chadwick was located after he called the police early Thursday morning asking for assistance. He alleges that someone else murdered his wife and forced him to driver her body to a different location for disposal.

But prosecutors allege that Chadwick, a wealthy business executive, killed her Wednesday after a fight over a divorce and money ensued. There is no confirmation that Mrs. Chadwick had actually filed for a divorce.

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