45 year old actress Diane Lane and her husband Josh announced a mutual separation early this year. This came just after Josh praised his wife at a public event stating that she was indeed a very strong woman. He was also arrested for a case of pubDiane Lane and Josh Brolinlic intoxication a couple of months ahead of the divorce call. According to divorce insiders engaged by both man and wife, the proceedings will be carried out on the basis of mutual consent. There is no hint of any bitterness whatsoever and the parting is indeed mutual. The couple’s share no children from their eight year old marriage.

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Post the announcement, Brolin chose to open up about their relationship and explained, “We’re not really in the spotlight. I mean, we are in times like this [interview], but, you know, there’s one light. We just do our own thing, and we always have. And we’re not in LA all the time, we’re up north a lot of the time where I grew up, so, you know, you just do what you do. You don’t play up into the hype so much.”

Lane may be secretly upset about Brolin playing in Men in Black III which was horrendously awful.

It is important to note that this will be the second divorce for both Diane and Josh. She terminated her six year old marriage to Christopher Lambert in 1994. Brolin was married to Alice Adair at the same time. The couple has two kids who are now aged 18 and 24 years.


Josh and Diane’s marriage has not been one of the best alliances, divorce lawyers reveal. Back in 2004, Brolin had to face legal action for a charge of misdemeanor when Lane called up the police during the course of an altercation. However, she later refrained from pressing any charges. Josh has always found himself amidst loads of trouble. He was arrested in 2008 along with the crew members of “w” post a showdown at the Stray Cat Bar in Louisiana.

Hopefully, both parties will hire attorneys soon and matters will be settled amicably.