Detroit, MI- Detroit Police Chief, Ralph Goodbee, had hoped his divorce from wife, Yolanda, would be settled out of the public eye, but now allegations of a sex scandal have surfaced brining his marital problems in the forefront.

Mayor Tom Bing temporarily suspended Goodbee on Tuesday while allegations that he had an affair with a subordinate in the department can be investigated.

Angelica Robinson, an officer in the department, who is  married, revealed she had a consensual affair with Goodbee, also a minister, after she discovered he attended a conference with another woman by his side.

Robinson spoke to local station Fox 2, “This is not the Pastor Goodbee that he portrays to be…  He is a sex addict. He loves to have sex with all different women.”

Now that Goodbee’s misconduct has become a public matter so has his divorce.

Yolanda Goodbee filed for divorce in August of this year, stating they had not lived as a couple for over a year; they were married in 1990 and have a college age child. In the documents, Yolanda attributed her filing to a “break down of the marriage relationship.” But she did not anticipate that her divorce would be thrust into the public eye.

“We tried to keep it private,” Yolanda’s divorce attorney Sorenia Whittington told the Associated Press, “No one wants their private life blasted in public. It’s unfortunate but this story is the chief’s, not the wife’s. He’s got the problem. He’s the one with a career on the line.”

Goodbee can be reinstated depending on the outcome of the investigation, but the damage his infidelity did to his marriage is irreparable.