Hollywood, CA- Hardy a week goes by without a celebrity divorce. This week Kimberly Buffing-Quaid officially filed for legal separation from actor Dennis Quaid.

TMZ obtained court documents which showed that Kimberly filed for a legal separation, the first step in the divorce process. Sources have said it is just a formality since the couple moved to California over the summer and must meet residency requirements.

Kimberly actually filed for divorce in March, but withdrew her petition in May stating the couple was trying to reconcile.

A source close to Kimberly told TMZ, “Kimberly is fed up with Dennis’ cheating and is wants out the marriage. Dennis is not a good husband.”

Similar allegations surfaced when Dennis and Meg Ryan were divorcing. In a 2008 interview, Ryan said, “Dennis was not faithful to me for a very long time, and that was very painful to me. I found out more about that after I was divorced.”

Dennis and Kimberly have two children together. They went through a crisis after their twins, Thomas and Zoe, were born in 2007. The hospital gave the children a massive dose of heparin, an injectable anticoagulant. The twins went through a harrowing recovery.

With allegations of cheating, Dennis could be in for a long divorce. Kimberly has retained divorce attorney to the stars Laura Wasser, but until the divorce papers are filed we won’t know what kind of child custody agreement or settlement Kimberly is asking for.