Charlie Sheen has indeed had an eventful year and not for pleasant reasons at all. Recently, the anger management actor has blamed his ex-wife Denise Richards for ruining his Christmas. Reportedly, Denise has pulled the plug on Charlie sharing his Christmas celebrations with the two daughters that they both share from their marriage, report divorce attorneys.

If Charlie believes his life is in shambles he probably should step out of his mansion and see how most of the world is living according to many. Some people believe he is as out of touch as the President, Eric Holder, or Barbara Boxer is.

Stay Home Charlie

Charlie explained that Denise reportedly called him during the weekend, informing him that he was no longer invited for their family Christmas trip with daughters Lola and Sam. And she did not care to explain why.

Divorce lawyers told sources that this bit of news has proved to be especially distressing for Charlie since he is also not being allowed to spend his Christmas with the twins, Bob and Max, whom he shares with Brooke Mueller. Denise’s refusal now means that he does not get to see any of his kids this Christmas and this has indeed proved to a cause of frustration for the actor.

Charlie retaliated by tweeting the photos of a chopped baseball bat, which was a wedding souvenir for his and Denise’s marriage ceremony that was held in 2002. The photo came with a caption, “the lie is over. I’m done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket.”

However, sources close to Denise have revealed that the actress is completely confused with Charlie’s sudden outburst. She says that, as far as she and her kids are concerned, Charlie is very much welcome to join them on their holiday. Clearly, Charlie’s understanding of the situation is completely different. And this yawning communication gap has ended up confusing their friends and divorce lawyers.

A Circus

However, sources have also been stating that when it’s Charlie and Denise, anything, which means just about anything is absolutely possible. Charlie has been in the news recently for his quarrels and debates with ex-wife Brooke Mueller regarding the custody of his children.