Charlie Sheen is now done with all his ranting against his ex-wife Denise Richards, or so it seems. And now it’s Denise’s chance to speak, state divorce attorneys who were dealing with the couple during their divorce proceeding days. And still seem to be.

Her Turn

Denise, who had chosen to maintain a dignified silence on the topic has now decided to speak up since her fans are bombarding her with questions on micro-blogging sites, and being a public figure, she feels the need to perhaps respond to them. So responding to the query of a fan Denise stated that she is clueless why Charlie went to town with such baseless allegations. She clarified that she had never kept the kids away from Charlie and that he can always invite them over for Christmas or come over to her place!

Charlie, Just Stop!

Lashing out at her ex-husband, Charlie stated that he should now stop this baseless ranting since their kids were not required to be privy to such unpleasant proceedings. She told him that he was more than welcome to spend Christmas with her and her kids and that she still hoped that he would come. She also told him and she and her kids loved him and that she did not need his private jet for going on their holiday. She asked him to stop these proceedings for the sake of her kids.

Is Charlie on Crack?

Over the past few days, Charlie has been making all sorts of comments stating that Denise was not allowing him to meet his girls on Christmas. He also told divorce lawyer friends that she was not allowing him to meet the girls for Christmas and was also left out of their yearly holiday.

Does this surprise anyone? This same person, Charlie Sheen, believes 9-11 was an insider’s job and believes that raising taxes will stimulate job growth.

A Clown

Charlie, as divorce attorneys reported, had also made unsavory comments that Denise who has been living with their daughters in a $10 million bungalow just 100 yards away, which was bought by Charlie, did not have the decency to be grateful about anything!