Even as Dean McDermott’s cheating rumors with a certain lady called Emily Goodhand continues to gather storm, wife Tori Spelling has decided to be by her husband’s side through all this mudslinging. Tori has expressed to divorce attorney pals that she is indeed appalled and terrified with the idea of a divorce. She cannot think of distancing herself from Dean and her wedding ring.Dean and Tori

Dean may want Out

The couple and their children appear extremely happy and content in their recent holiday pictures. However, if reports published by divorce lawyers are to be believed, Dean really wants the divorce. Well, he must since he had an affair. Perhaps he is upset that he married a woman who never earned anything in her life. Many people believe the only reason she was on the show Beverly Hills 90210 was because of her powerful father in Hollywood.

A Strange Relationship

Tori has told sources that Dean is reportedly a sex maniac. He forces Tori to have sex with him almost all the time. However, Dean has a different story to tell. He has told divorce lawyer friends that he is not interested in having sex with Tori at all. In fact, he expressed that the couple has not been intimate with each other for over a year and this is one of the major reasons that has been causing insecurity in Tori’s mind.

Tori, however, cannot contemplate a separation. She has started hating Dean and is even averse to looking at him eye to eye, but is not ready to give him a divorce. She is terrified of living alone; the interests of her children are also paramount for her. She wouldn’t like them to grow up without their father!

Mixed Signals

However, muslim divorce attorneys believe that a split is inevitable here. There is no way one can be avoided. Dean is desperate to move on and there is certainly no stopping him. No one can force them to be together. Tori may have to ask for a divorce attorney after all. There may be no other way out! What eventually happens remains to be seen.