Divorced parents may be separated but both partners have certain legal obligations to support their child financially. What transpires in reality is unfortunately a lot different. Millions of children and minors are forced to grow up without financial support from one or sometimes both of their parents despite their being court orders for the parents to pay specific amounts as child support periodically.

The issue has come into the limelight recently as an increasing number of deadbeat parents emerge and fail to pay for their children’s basic needs despite being instructed by the court. According to divorce lawyers who can be found on this fantastic website https://usattorneys.com/, in an effort to curb such occurrences, stringent laws are being passed by law makers and legislators of states all across the country with the objective to establish and enforce child support orders.

How child support is determined

The family court that oversees the divorce itself will also make conclusive rulings when it comes to child custody and child support issue. There are plenty of factors which influence the verdict. A parent of the child may establish a child support order by discussing a payment plan with the other parent and then having this deal authorized by a family court judge. It will then turn into an official court order.

In case the two parents are unable to find some middle ground, the child support order details will need to be decided by the judge itself. However, having a motivated and sharp divorce attorney during such a case will prove to be invaluable when it comes to getting the judge to see from your perspective.

Sometimes, single parents are tight for funding and cannot afford a top end divorce attorney, in such cases, there is still hope. The parent may use the services of the state’s child support service office, which in most states is the Department of Child Support Services. This department can help parents in establishing, editing, and even in collecting child support orders.

The objective of such service departments in all states of the country is not to represent any one parent and win the case against the other parent. Their intentions are always for the best interest of the child in question, where they rule what they deem is best for the child in the long run.

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Child support payments are far too high

Most states have passed laws which border on punishing dead beat parents that cannot or will not pay child support as ordered by the court. In fact, such dead beat parents may be legally prosecuted and even jailed for failing to support their own offspring. There is nothing a divorce lawyer can do about that. But a child does not need $2,000 a month at any point of his or her adolescence.

When can a deadbeat parent be legally prosecuted?

The intricate details of the law vary from state to state when it comes to the prosecution of dead beat parents but in the majority of states, the laws are all similar. Generally, a dead beat parent may be prosecuted in cases where they have failed to pay child support in over one year, when they own over $5,000 in child support and when the parent leaves the state or country with the intention to avoid having to make child support payments.