In his new book, author and film director Dana Adam Shapiro voices his opinion on marriage and divorce, highlighting his belief that the majority of married couples are unhappy.

After interviewing couples around the world for his book, “You Can Be Right (Or You Can Be Married),” Shapiro came to the conclusion that only 17% of married couples are happy.

“Fifty percent of marriages end, and of marriages that stay together, I think a third are happy, a third are happy enough, and a third are unhappy. If I could be in the 17% that’s happy, I’d like to get married,” said Shapiro in an interview with “Otherwise I’m really happy living alone and being an uncle.”

Shapiro said the purpose of his new book was to figure out his own personal issues with marriage, explaining he hasn’t been able to have a relationship that lasts for longer than three years. He added that he wanted to learn more about the mistakes both men and women make in relationships and ended up with a more optimistic view point about marriage in general.

“I went in pessimistic about marriage and came out more optimistic,” he said. “I came out with a more realistic expectation of what marriage should be — not a lowering of expectations, but a more grounded view of what love is and the work it takes to make something last.”

Unfortunately, Shapiro is right when he says that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. For this reason, it is imperative that before settling down, couples consult with a top divorce lawyer to discuss possible prenuptial and to determine what might happen in the event of a split so things can run as smoothly as possible.