Chandler, AZ- All you need to do to see that Americans are deeply divided along political lines is watch cable news for 10 minutes or visit the comments section on Facebook. In our personal lives, political differences don’t usually divide friends, family or spouses. But, oh, the times, they are changing, and now the ugliness of our swampy politics is making its way into the marital bed.

Political Differences Seep into Divorce Courts

The current political environment in Washington D.C. is spilling out of the swamp and rearing its ugly head in divorce courts, of all places, according to a recent survey of divorce and family law attorneys from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Forty-one percent of AAML members said they believe the current, very divisive political environment in the U.S. is making the tone of divorces uglier. Of the members surveyed, 54 percent said they had seen an increase in contentious divorces over the past three years. What’s more, 52 percent of AAML members said estranged spouses are becoming more hostile toward one another.

Speaking to the Washington Times, President of the AAML, John Slowiaczek said, “The divorce process is one of the most emotionally stressful experiences that someone can go through.  As reflected in our current political discourse, many of these cases seem to be increasingly losing a sense of cooperation and collaboration.”

Slowiaczek says divorcing couples are unable to cooperate because they “only focus on their differences and points of contention.”

How to Keep Your Divorce from Getting Ugly

Divorces get so ugly because they conjure uncomfortable emotions and those emotions can translate into anger, and that anger can make it very difficult for a couple to resolve their differences. Strong emotions are difficult to overcome and before a couple realizes it, their animosity towards one another

It’s okay to be angry and hurt about your divorce, but it can be counterproductive during the process of divorce. would like to share some tips to keep your divorce from becoming explosive.

Be polite to one another during all exchanges.

Don’t be goaded into arguing with your spouse.

If you can’t speak to your estranged spouse without getting upset, you can let your attorney communicate with your spouse.

Meet your ex-wife or ex-husband in a public place if you cannot get along.

Slowiaczek says a couple should focus on facts and numbers and not emotions, the Washington Times reports. He also recommends a couple focus on the big picture and don’t obsess over the small stuff.

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