Chicago, IL- The wife of Cubs shortstop Addison Russell recently filed for divorce after recently accusing the athlete of cheating on her. There have also been allegations of domestic violence, and after just 18 months, the couple’s marriage may be over.

Melisa Russell Files for Divorce

NBC Chicago reports that Melisa Russell filed for divorce last week after one of her friends posted something on Instagram accusing Addison Russell of domestic violence. That allegation is under investigation by the MLB, and despite their request, Mrs. Russell has yet to speak with the agency about the allegations because it could adversely impact her family, the Beloit Daily News reports.

Russell denies the domestic violence allegations.

Melisa Russell also accused her husband of infidelity in an Instagram post in early June.

According to Mrs. Russell’s divorce attorney, she is seeking full custody of the couple’s child and support, the Beloit News reports.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce in Chicago

If you are getting a divorce in Chicago, you can choose between a fault or no-fault divorce. Illinois is one of the few states to give couples that the choice and it can each method has a list of pros and cons. Before deciding which type of divorce to file for, you need to know the differences.

No-fault divorce- Couples should file for a no-fault divorce if they both agree their marriage is broken and it cannot be repaired. No-fault divorces can be resolved quickly as long as a couple can agree on the division of their property and child custody if they have children. This type of dissolution is less expensive and ensures that if there is a history of abuse, victims get away from their abuser faster.

Fault divorce- You should file for a fault divorce if your marriage is failing because your spouse has done something wrong. A fault divorce can take longer and can cost more, but it can result in favorable settlement arrangements. A fault divorce may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

Abandonment of family

Physical, sexual or extreme verbal abuse



Substance abuse


Meet with a Divorce Lawyer in Illinois

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