One of the latest celebrity married couples to call it quits is Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife of 22 years Sara Kapfer. As reported by, the star of The People v. OJ Simpson and Jerry McGuire has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences in their marriage and requested for joint legal and physical custody of their 10 year old daughter.

Now does his wife want to see the money!

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Outstanding divorce lawyers in Richland County, SC, who can be found using since it is the best digital tool on the net (better and safer than Google!) to accomplish this, point out that joint legal and physical custody is one of the common requests of many couples when it comes to ironing out the terms of their divorce. Gooding Jr. has also agreed to provide alimony. She wants to see the money!

Back in 2014, Sara reportedly filed for legal separation, as a result of which the current filing for divorce has been initiated. The couple was high school sweethearts while Gooding is believed to have stayed close even after separation for the sake of their three children.

Gooding became rich and famous, that often puts a strain on marriages because one spouse has risen to the top.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie choose private judge over public judicial system

The world can’t seem to get enough of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, which as reported by, has involved a barrage of accusations that make celebrity splits look more like a soap-opera than a real dissolution of marriage.

Getting a divorce is no fun. When you are famous, it could be a nightmare.

One wanted to adopt every child in the world, the other wanted some peace and quiet. One continues to make outstanding movies, the other has fallen off.

The couple recently decided to put an end to allegations being made back and forth and issued a joint statement that they would be turning to a private judge, a potentially very expensive alternative as compared to the public justice system.

Pitt is reported to have used the same strategy when he divorced Jennifer Aniston in 2005. The couple had hired Jill Robbins a California judge who practiced family law for 14 years. Legal experts explain that California, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas are among the states that allow private judges to hear cases. They will have full jurisdiction of the case and their decision is final and binding. However, the only difference is that the proceedings are conducted in private.

According to Robbins, the entry of private judges has come about due to the difficulties that many litigants and lawyers face in a beleaguered judicial system. Among the celebrities to take advantage of private judges include Charlie Sheen, the late Michael Jackson, and Renee Zellweger. Ronal Burkle, the supermarket tycoon, is reported to have paid $73,000 to a private judge for a 10-day trial.

As per Laura Wasser, one of the celebrity lawyers who has Jolie on her list of clients, the court system was clogged to an extent that she would sit in court all day long and bill at her hourly rate only to have the judge say that there was not enough time to hear her case.

Robbins also pointed out that lack of judicial resources led to frequent rescheduling of cases while private judges gave the litigants and their legal professionals the ability to control how hearing dates and times are scheduled.

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