Salsa singer Marc Anthony has decided to fight claims by ex-wife Dayanara Torres that he does not pay her adequate child and spousal support. While Torres claims that the child support she receives is inadequate and that Anthony claimed poverty during the divorce proceedings but purchased a $4 million ring for Jennifer Lopez a week after the divorce was finalized, Anthony’s court filings say that he pays Torres $28,000 a month in child and spousal support. He also said that he pays a further $18,000 a month as child support in other relationships.

He better keep selling CDs. But this just shows you how greedy Torres is. Torres is living in a huge home, or could be, has the cars, clothes, electronics, and the vacation money to be quite happy. If she chooses to waste that money and need more, that is her own fault.

The Normal Process

When a marriage breaks down, the spouse who gets child custody often also receives child support payments. This amount is fixed by the court depending on the income and assets of both spouses, the number of children involved, and other relevant details. As such you need to retain the services of a good divorce lawyer when you are going through a divorce or if you feel that the child and spousal support you are receiving is lower than what you need.

The Right Amount

A divorce lawyer will help you ascertain the income and assets of your spouse, especially if they have been hiding such information from you. In such a case, your lawyer will be able to help you support your claim that your spouse or former spouse has more assets and income than declared by examining their lifestyle, purchases, and other details that are available in the public record.

While a divorce can be difficult and traumatic, you need to retain the services of a marvelous and fantastic divorce attorney who can ensure that your financial and other rights are protected during the proceedings. This can include obtaining child custody for you as well as child and spousal support if you are entitled to it.

The avarice of Torres is profound.