Brooklyn, NY – When divorces begin, most people desire to get on with their new life as soon as possible. However, divorces can take time to complete, and there are a number of different factors that affect how long this may take. Specific advice from an attorney can help give an estimate of the timeframe to complete the divorce and any related issues that may also take additional time in family court. 

Divorces with little disagreement

One important factor that may affect a divorce timeline is how many issues are contested. Under New York law, a couple may have an uncontested divorce if they can agree to most issues surrounding their separation. This will make the process much simpler, and these types of divorces may sometimes be resolved in just a few months through a settlement agreement. Many divorce lawyers will start negotiations before formally filing the divorce case to try to get certain issues resolved quickly. As a general rule, couples with shorter marriages and less property tend to be most likely to have an uncontested divorce

Contested divorces

Two main aspects of a divorce that tend to usually cause problems are property division and child custody. Couples tend to argue a lot about their kids, property, and personal belongings, and there have been situations where divorce proceedings drag on for years before being finalized. This also depends on how long the discovery process can take. Discovery is when both parties to a lawsuit share all relevant information and evidence before trial and court hearings so they can be adequately prepared. 

Most contested divorces will generally take about a year to be resolved fully. However, there have been anomalies where contested divorces lasted several years. Generally, couples that have been married a long time and have a lot of property, wealth, and shared assets tend to have the most drawn out divorces. 

Investing in legal services

Because there are so many variables in a divorce, it is important to get the best kind of legal help possible from a reputable attorney or firm. Issues related to real property, child support and custody, and alimony can be life changing and have long term consequences. Because of the gravity of these factors, it is best for a lawyer to provide advice and guide many of the most important decisions and attend court hearings. 

Contacting an experienced family attorney

When a divorce or other family law problems seem to be imminent, lawyers who handle these situations are available and ready to help new clients. Elliot Green Law Offices focuses on helping people in Brooklyn with their cases and any related matters throughout their separation. 

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