Not too long ago Miranda Kerr was in news for her divorce with husband of three years Orlando Bloom. Divorce attorneys who were handling the case have now revealed that the supermodel seems to have moved on pretty fast! If sources are to be believed, Miranda was spotted having a really good time with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio can do Better

They both were a part of an extended group of friends at a plush eatery in Las Vegas. It appeared as if they were having a good time. Kerr was accompanied by two lady companions and she was sitting across from Leonardo. Although the feeling of mutual pleasure was obvious, they were not reportedly in a flirtatious mood. It is to be noted that Kerr and Leonardo have also been linked in the past.

Why Raise someone Else’s Child?

Divorces today are becoming increasingly common and for the youth of today, it is indeed no big a deal anymore. Not only are they completely relaxed about ending long commitments and relationships, they are extremely quick in moving on as well! Whereas Miranda’s outing with Leonardo cannot be misconstrued in any regard, it is clear that she no longer wishes to remain low key and has decided to ring in happier moments in her life in the company of her friends and close pals.

Who is this person? The only reason people know her is because of her marriage to Bloom. She is cute but her looks are decent and that is it. Can she read a book? Does she know about America’s national debt? Well, apparently she does not have to.

Where is her child?

A divorce attorney observed, most young people are now willing to take divorces and breakups in their stride! Very few actually let it affect their lives in a big way. Once it’s over, it’s truly over! All they are worried about is the settlement and other financial matters that need to sorted out. Divorces that involve child custody are a bit more complex though! With children to take care of, the bitterness and emotional baggage is pulled along for some time, feel attorneys.