No surprises here! Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro have proved critics of the reality television series “married at first sight” right. They said relationships that were initiated on a vain television show would never last, and Ryan and Jessica are living proof of that, as reported by Fox News.

When the series drew to an end only a few days ago, only two couples from the show chose to remain married. However, it seems like both Ryan and Jessica are not regretting that decision as insider sources have revealed that their divorce attorneys are already medicating divorce terms. Supposedly, the couple was involved in heated verbal arguments when the show was still going on.

Only last weekend, Ryan uploaded a picture of a restraining order that Jessica had filed against him onto social media website – Instagram. He also added a rather passive aggressive caption to go along with the picture where he insinuated that Jessica could make how many ever false claims she wanted about his character, but nothing was going to break him. On the other hand, Jessica also resorted to Instagram to post her own obscure quote of will and un-subdued determination.

Desperate for attention

The outstanding attorneys on are extremely intelligent and wise but even they do not know why anyone would marry anyone else in such a pitiful manner and put themselves on display like this.

Georgia woman flaunts new marital status on her truck

We’ve all seen the customary “just married” decorations on cars of newly wed couples, but a woman from Georgia has decorated her truck with words that are turning heads all over. Leona Metcalf has the words “just divorced” decorating the back of her pick-up truck, according to

When approached for comment, Metcalf said that she was an independent woman and that divorce should be celebrated like marriage and that she was especially happy because in her case, the divorce should have been finalized over five years ago.

Not only are Metcalf’s non-traditional truck decorations drawing attention, but they are also attracting honks and shouts of encouragement from strangers who pass by.

Paper couple with divorce themed paper messages

Russian multi-billionaire stands to lose half his fortune in bitter divorce

The former wife of one of Russia’s richest men Vladimir Potanin is currently vying with him to for an estimated $7 billion dollars. If her divorce attorney is successful in proving that she rightly deserves half of the estimated $15 billion fortune of Potanin, he could become poorer by $7 billion overnight, as reported by CNN Money.

Potanin acquired his incredible wealth running the world’s biggest nickel manufacturing company – Norilsk Nickel.

According to Natalia (the former wife), Potanin in reality is worth significantly more than $15 billion. She says he has amassed even more money which is held in off-shore companies that he owns. Therefore according to Natalia, even if she won the $7 billion, it would only be a small percentage of what she truly deserves to get. Potanin’s attorney said that the current figure offered ought to be more than adequate.

July 1st has been set for a hearing by a preliminary court. Incidentally, he had promised to give half of his wealth to charitable causes prior to the divorce. This includes The Giving Pledge campaign, founded by the high tax promoter Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, and the socialist Warren Buffet. Some people believe Potanin should invest in businesses that make sense and that create jobs (on top of his Nickel company) or donate some of that money to the church to help out the poor. He could also give his employees sizeable bonuses.

Perhaps his wife, if she ends up with some of that wealth, will do some good things with her share.

Potanin apparently did not sign a pre-nup!