Paper couple with divorce themed paper messages

Paper couple with divorce themed paper messages

Columbus, OH- One of the more troubling aspects of being a celebrity going through divorce is that your dirty laundry and details of your assets can become a matter of public knowledge. While there are some celebrities who like to grab as many headlines as they can get and don’t care about keeping details of their divorce private, there are others who want to keep the details of divorce private. That can be difficult especially in light of the Freedom of Information Act, unless a couple chooses to settle their divorce through means other than a

Mediation is the option country singer Trace Adkins opted for instead of having his split made public. The Daily Mail reports that Trace and Rhonda Adkins decided on divorce mediation to decide how custody of their three daughters and divide his sizable fortune.

TMZ reported that the couple’s initial divorce filing was vacated once they settled the terms of their spit, so Rhonda will have to refile for divorce.

According to the Daily Mail, Rhonda Adkins filed for divorce in 2014, following a booze-fueled brawl which landed the star in rehab. The paper reports that when Rhonda filed for divorce she also took out a restraining order against her husband.

At the time of her filing, Rhonda Adkins allegedly asked for alimony, child support and primary custody their three children. We won’t know if her demands were met since Trace Adkins moved to have the divorce settled in private.

Trace Adkins hasn’t been very lucky in love or marriage seeing that Rhonda is his third wife. His second wife shot him during an argument in 1994, according to the Daily Mail.

Divorce mediation is often referred to as collaborative divorce. This is because an estranged couple, a mediator and their mediation attorneys work together to come up with solutions to the more acrimonious issues through a series of negotiations. The goal of mediation is to come up with a settlement peacefully and with no infighting. Couples who prefer mediation to traditional divorce must sign an agreement in which the promise to resolve their problems without contention. If they are unable to settle their issues, then they must agree to walk away from negotiations and pursue divorce.

There are pros and cons to mediation and it is not the best means for all couples to settle their divorce. If you are located in Ohio and would like to explore divorce mediation to resolve any child custody, financial support or property disputes, USAttorneys can help you find a divorce law firm in Columbus or your area. They can explain the pros and cons of divorce mediation and traditional divorce so you can decide if it is the right avenue for you to explore.

Our divorce attorneys know that divorce is very difficult thing for a couple to go through and strive to make the process as smooth as possible.  Contact an attorney who focuses on divorce and family law today to begin working on your case today.