Domestic violence accusations can impact your final divorce settlement and child custody arrangement.

Los Angeles, CA-Celebrity divorces can get pretty messy and splash a star’s face on the cover of every online and grocery store tabloid. Johnny Depp’s divorce is tailor-made for the tabloids; millions of dollars are on the line, there have been allegations of domestic abuse and new drama or accusations arise enough to keep the press interested. The most recent development involves a video of Depp in the middle of a violent outburst. Sadly, allegations of domestic violence arise in divorce, so USAttorneys wanted to discuss how said accusations impact divorce in California.

In June, actress Amber Heard filed put out a Temporary Restraining Order on actor Johnny Depp, claiming that he threw a wine glass at her and gave her a black eye one night in May. Heard then filed for divorce and soon the couple will be heading to court, but the video that surfaced this weekend, which appears to backup Heard’s claims that Depp was abusive on the night she alleges.

You can watch the video on TMZ’s website.

If your estranged spouse has falsely accused you of domestic violence, your need knowledgeable attorney on your side.

New York Magazine reports that so far neither Depp nor Heard have been deposed, which is why their divorce proceedings have been delayed. Depp is scheduled for a deposition soon while Heard had to reschedule hers because she was too distraught, according to NY Mag.

Our purpose is not to take sides but to discuss how domestic violence, even if it’s just one incident can have an impact on how a divorce proceeds. Any abusive incidents will change the way a divorce attorney represents you in divorce or family court.

Allegations of spousal abuse may have an impact on divorce proceedings even though California is a no-fault divorce state. Whether you are accused of domestic violence or you are the alleged victim, it may influence the judge’s decision- making and how your family law attorney presents your case to the court.  USAttorneys urges you to speak with a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles if you been accused of domestic violence.

Contact a divorce lawyer for their expert assistance during your acrimonious divorce.

Sometimes anger gets the best of people, and they lash out. Often, such incidents happen only once and should be addressed but it doesn’t mean a spouse has to be punished with an unfavorable divorce settlement or child custody arrangement. Sometimes, with guidance, a couple can work past a troubling incident and mutually agree on custody and visitation.

Sometimes, people are falsely accused of domestic violence, if this is true in your case, you need to have a divorce attorney on your side. If you have been criminally charged, you will retain a criminal attorney to help you resolve the allegations as soon as possible. As for your divorce, you may need to wait until you are cleared of criminal charges to negotiate your divorce settlement. With a comprehensive investigation, you can clear your name quickly and move on to resolving your divorce.

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