New York, NY- Pre-nuptial agreements can be good; they allow a couple to determine how they will divide assets and property before their marriage ends, giving both parties a sense of security. But lately, these agreements include strange or strict requests, setting high expectations for a spouse. Could these drive a couple for divorce?

The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed divorce attorneys in 2012 and found that 51 percent saw an increase in couples requesting pre-nuptial agreements. This is beneficial, especially for wealthy individuals who could stand to lose a lot. However, as the number of these agreements rise, so do the number or unusual or stringent requests, proving that not all love is unconditional.

It isn’t uncommon for couples to include clauses pertaining to sex. For instance, a man may request that his wife consent to sex on a daily basis or a woman may request that her man is able to perform to her satisfaction. If these demands aren’t met to one party’s satisfaction they have grounds to divorce. Although, both parties consented to the pre-nuptial, this still puts a great deal of pressure on someone and could cause a breakdown in the relationship.

Looks are important to many people so there have been an increasing number of physical requirements placed on a spouse. A man can request his wife stay within a specified weight range or keep their hair a certain color. The same goes for women.

While pre-nuptials can help protect a person’s pre-marital assets, including clause about sexual activity, appearance or other unusual requests can put an unnecessary strain on a marriage and can be difficult to enforce.