Karl Thimm Jr. is a Westchester County police officer who has been temporarily suspended from the force as he is set to spend 15 days in jail for violating a court order that was passed during his divorce case. Thimm Jr. also faces a menacing charge and was supposed to have started serving his jail sentence already but his sentence initiation has been postponed since he is appealing the decision made by Justice Victor Grossman of the state Supreme Court.

Acting like degenerates

As per a Lohud report, the justice had made a contempt ruling against the officer on grounds that he had written nasty, hate filled e-mails to his ex-wife Lisa, and also for having failed to comply with court orders on the matter of alcohol and drug testing. The judge remarked that despite being a trained police officer and his wife being a certified psychologist, the couple had resorted to child-like taunting and behavior.

a man wearing a suit sitting in a desk holding a signboard with the word lawyer written in it

Did they take a marriage class before they were married? Not even the finest attorneys in the country which many of them are found on the site USAttorneys.com would advocate acting like these two are.

Thimm Jr. was put under administrative modified leave by the Westchester County for his run-ins with the law when he was finally apprehended and arrested for a menacing charge after he had threateningly waved a gun at 4 men in a car following an altercation with the driver.

E-mails between Police Officer and his former wife

Both Thimm Jr. and his wife Lisa exchanged several distasteful e-mails where they mocked and ridiculed each other. Thimm defended his hateful words by calling them responses to his wives initial e-mail. His wife Lisa even accused Thimm of using oxycodone (pharmaceutical grade of heroin) while he was with their kids.

Sue Ann Arnall wife of wealthy oil tycoon loses divorce appeal

Harold Hamm is the CEO and a founding member of Continental Resources. Continental Resources is a giant oil company and Hamm’s net worth has been estimated at around $11.4 billion as of 2015. He married Sue Ann Arnall in 1988 and remained married for 26 years before legally separating in 2014. The couple has two grown daughters together. Sue Ann Arnall (Sue Ann Hamm) has decided to resume using her birth name. Arnall is an economist and a lawyer. In 2014, Forbes reports suggested that Hamm may be in for a world record divorce settlement with nearly half of his estimated $20 billion total worth at stake.

Common sense prevails

According to USA Today, in November last year, Hamm was ordered to pay Arnall a total of $995 million in alimony and other payments and instructed him to do so by paying at least a minimum of $7 million every month. Hamm after consulting his divorce attorney, wrote a check for the whole amount all at once. Initially, Arnall declined the payment saying it may prove to be a risk factor and reduce her divorce award.

Later, Arnal and her divorce attorneys appealed the case in court saying that she deserved more than just the 10% that was awarded to her, the judge denied the plea. Bank records show that Arnall has since cashed the nine figure check.